Project Overview:

A state Healthcare Exchange needed to implement new technology to replace an existing system unable to perform its function.  The project had strong sponsorship at the state and agency levels, and a multi-vendor team was assembled to adapt a solution being used by another state.  The implementing agency was without a CIO and had only a skeleton technical team in place.  To mitigate the risks associated with delivering a complex IT solution in a short time frame, the state added key Dravida Team resources to the PMO to oversee vendor technical implementation and drive security compliance.


Our technical lead oversaw all technical deliverables, actively evaluating and modifying vendor project plans as needed, and coordinating cross-vendor deliverables.  Dravida technical oversight resources were embedded within the project team to evaluate technical approach and to participate in issue resolution throughout the implementation.  Targeted support was provided to performance testing, acceptance testing, and security policy and implementation in addition to general delivery of the software.  The exchange successfully received its Authorization to Connect (ATC) to the Federal Hub, and implemented the new technical solution within the period available.