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Our team loves solving problems that make organizations crazy.  Those urgent and critical problems that get managed by heroic effort.  The problems that burn up your resources and burn out your team.  Our services and tools will help you get and stay in control.

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In¬†2009, Dravida Consulting was founded to bring together senior resources with extensive experience in running operations,¬†executing complex project portfolios, and building teams. ¬†Since then, we’ve had the good fortune to help improve K-12 education and healthcare¬†by bringing fires under control and¬†focusing client organizations on building the capabilities they need to sustain successful¬†outcomes.¬† Learn more about how we can help you.

A good consultant should increase your knowledge and reduce your risk.  We do.


Organizational Development

Mentoring of new team leads, project managers, and business analysts, check.  Data Governance training, check.  Focused, fun leadership retreats, check.  Executive brand definition, you betchya.  You should check us out!

IT Project Delivery

Trust our experienced experts to help you plan and execute your IT Projects, and even help you to build a team in-house that can sustain delivered solutions.  Our practical PMBOK-aligned D5 Methodology will keep even the most challenging projects on track.  (And on tight deadlines, our PMs are known to bring snacks.)

Process and Measurement

You have a vision.¬† Let us help you to achieve it.¬† There’s nothing as thrilling as designing a breakthrough process, or controlling the previously uncontrollable!¬† (Trust us, very geek chic.)¬† From scorecards to custom processes to the technology that helps you sustain your improvements, we’re the folks to call.

Expert Capacity

You’ll love our experts.¬† Use our seasoned professionals for a brief, targeted engagement or engage us to meet long-term needs.¬† We’ll add value day one, whether injecting expertise you don’t have in-house or to bolstering expertise you already have to meet a deadline or fight multiple fires.

Data & Data Governance

Big data, little data, something in between?¬† We’ll help you understand it, keep it safe and keep it clean.¬† Because using data to provide folks with information that improves outcomes makes us really excited.¬† And helping you to see information in your data you didn’t even know was there?¬† Well, that might just be celebrated with a happy dance.

Tech Dev & Ops

Had it with trying to determine which acronyms on tech resumes are important?¬† Let us help you successfully implement your COTS solution, develop your custom web application, migrate your data, or rapidly prototype your fantastic idea.¬† And for tech solutions already in place? We’ll maintain them for you so they keep running smooth and secure.¬† No acronyms required.

How We Achieve Results

Even the best teams and best managers encounter difficult problems.¬†The trouble is, textbook solutions hardly ever fit real-world organizations. We use¬†an approach to tackling challenges that respects both industry best practices and your organization’s capabilities and culture.

Dravida Consulting’s team of professionals¬†are experienced not just in their disciplines, but also in working as an effective partner in virtually every type of organizational environment. We will craft a best-fit approach for your organization building on the resources you already have in place and strengthening your core capabilities.



Dravida Consulting Team experience is broad and deep:

  • Strategic leadership experience in technology, data, operations, executive coaching, strategic planning, and quality control
  • Broad industry experience in most major market sectors, including energy, technology, telecommunications, healthcare, business services, and financials, from small businesses to multi-national corporations
  • Familiarity with corporate, government, and education environments
  • Knowledge of core technology languages, platforms, and applications
  • Senior resources with a minimum of 10 years experience in their current role
  • Team members with high-level education and/or certifications in addition to real-world experience

Dravida Consulting’s work is always:

Client-Focused: No tool or approach is more valuable than the knowledge, skills and resources your organization already has. Dravida embeds our Associates within your organization to gain domain expertise and an on-the-ground perspective. We also include an accountable client advocate on every project to make sure your voice never gets lost.
Data-Centric: The success of every project starts and ends with identifying and correctly using the proper data. We recognize that data is one of your most valuable resources, and we focus on ways to unlock its potential for your organization.
Engaged: We connect with every part of your organization to create tailored solutions your team can champion and independently manage.
Flexible: An open-minded approach helps us better identify the right technology, project management, and data tools. We can help you avoid expensive options when inexpensive ones will meet your goals, and we will never impose project steps that you don’t need.
Effective: Repeatable, reportable process outcomes and on-time project delivery that strengthens the capabilities of an organization makes everyone happy. To make that happen, we keep progress and risks visible, emphasize communication, establish clear responsibilities, and constantly evaluate the fitness for purpose of what’s being delivered.

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A Dravida Best-Fit Assessment takes your organization’s culture, complexity, change management needs, and risk factors into account when developing project plans and road maps.


Featured Projects

A sampling of our work

Putting Principals in the Driver’s Seat

Consolidated data from 9 systems into Dashboards for School Principals, putting key data securely at their fingertips


Infrastructure Support

Provided expert resources to support application, reporting and operating system levels of state health exchange solution.


Give us a call.¬† Drop us a line.¬† Tell us what’s going on with you and your organization.¬† We’d love to create a road map for you or give you a quote.

MD Minority Business Enterprise (MBE 11-622)

MD Small Business Reserve (SB 12-18098)

CATS+ Master Contractor (2013-2028)

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