Project Summary:

The State Department of Education contracted a major Survey Research company for multiple years to develop and administer an annual Special Education Parent Involvement Survey to collect feedback from parents of students receiving specialized services through the public school system.  The survey is administered on paper and online, supporting both English and Spanish speakers, and collects feedback used to inform State policies and practices.  Each year we’ve supported this project, we have actively worked with the State and our Prime to continuously improve the survey and website and to gain insights from online activity.


We’ve delivered the online survey on-time, in-budget, and with high client satisfaction each year.  Our hosting has provided 100% up-time during each survey period.

Initially, our team designed and developed a scalable, multilingual website, survey, and secure on-demand data reporting framework.  This streamlined the process of one-time data delivery that had been implemented in previous years by providing on-demand, secure access to data in the required format wherever it was needed.

For the past 4 years, we have populated our framework with content provided by the Survey Research team, and developed additional project-specific features to support desired website functionality.  These additions include, but are not limited to, tracking the source of traffic to help evaluate the success of web-based outreach efforts initiated by groups across the State, and incorporating web forms to integrate with existing help desk support.