A large urban school district needed to formalize their practice of managing compliance and delivering support to children in the community from the time of birth through school age (Part B) and throughout their schooling, starting in Pre-School (Part C).  With a strong leader in place and funds allocated to increasing the team, focus turned to documenting key processes and developing secure, web-based systems to track and monitor data to support key reporting and to integrate the management of Part B and Part C outcomes.


The team updated and formalized its core processes and successfully implemented a technical solution to support the Part B and C management and required reporting.  This solution included support for key data imports and integration with master data sets, as well as training of internal resources to maintain the system after implementation.  The District was able to improve the transition from infant to pre-school and then again to school age, and increase referrals through tracking of organizations and individuals in the community who identified children who needed special services.